Guided Stand-Up Paddleboard Tour Through Mangrove Estuaries

Guided Stand-Up Paddleboard Tour Through Mangrove Estuaries. Mangrove Island Tour – Guided eco tour.
“Connecting You With Nature!” 
This is more about “Connecting You With Nature” than open water paddling.  A magical journey through the shallow water estuaries. 
We recommend you start with this tour as it offers amazing diversity and is the easiest tour so suited for all skill levels.
We are experts in the eco-system and share with you the science and nature of this magical world.  Our eco-guides have a trained eye and will point out things often missed by the untrained eye.  Our eco-guides are widely educated in the plant life, the wildlife, biology, and chemistry of the marine aquatic eco-system.  Be mesmerized by their knowledge while having a close encounter with turtles, baby sharks, rays, snapper, small reef fish, herons, anemones, invertebrates’, conch,  egrets, and pelicans.  If beautiful sights and picturesque views are your thing, then this is the tour for you.

Categoría: Deportes náuticos.

Inicio en: Providenciales, Caribbean.

Duración: 2 hours.

Precio: 111,56 euros.

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